~Background: Samantha is a spunky teenage firestarter from Flameville. She’s brilliant but

  troubled when it comes to her temper, especially when dealing with her peers. Samantha’s

  parents tried everything to keep her under control, but nothing worked. It was so terrible that

  everyone in town only saw Samantha as a short-tempered brat. However, when the good

  wizard Clive first met her, he saw that there was good in Samantha. She just lacked proper

  guidance. So after talking with her parents, it was in their best interest that Samantha should

  live with her Aunt Leah, who runs a combat training school in the hills. There, Samantha

  learned the ways of the warrior as well as peace and discipline. After mastering these skills,

  Samantha decided to set out on her own, but ended up captured by a gang of goblin thugs.

  After being rescued by Elatea with some extra convincing from Clive, Samantha joins the

  WITTY program to become a Wiccopian Warrior.

-Magic Power and Skill: Samantha uses her pyrokinesis to create and manipulate fire as a

  projectile and can also create fire barriers around people or objects on the ground.

-Strengths: In battle, Samantha is sure to throw the first punch without hesitation and is book

  smart when faced with various types of creatures, especially dragons. Despite her rough

  personality, Samantha is strong both physically and mentally.

-Weaknesses: Samantha is impulsive, arrogant, and naturally hotheaded. When her emotions

  get the best of her, it really shows. Samantha can turn into a burst of flames when that

  happens. She is also sensitive to cold temperatures just like any firestarter and doesn’t like

  the water, unless it’s boiling hot.