Glossary of Wiccopian Creatures

~Affreighter – A creator of illusions that can read minds and bring worst fears to life.​​

~Anacon Man – A being with snake-like features and qualities.

~Animal Siren – A female who can control wild animals with her beautiful singing voice.

~Barbaribloom – A wild snapdragon monster with root legs that live in forests, most commonly in condensed areas.

~Bee Demon – An insect monster that uses its stingers, which double as swords, to turn innocent people into bee demons.

  They can also transform themselves into regular bees at will.

~Charmer – A being that can charm others by touching them. Males can only charm women, but females can charm both genders.

~Dydae – A small demon that possesses evil beings to make them indestructible.

~Empath – A being that can sense the emotions of others.

~Firestarter – A being that can conjure fire and burn things. Is also immune to extreme heat, but sensitive to cold.

~Gormandizer – A ravenous being that feeds on mortals, the younger the better.

​~Gryzlwolf – A beastly wolf with sharp claws and powerful lungs that can destroy anything in its path.

~Icestarter – A being that can conjure ice and freeze things. Is also immune to extreme cold, but sensitive to heat.

​~Mantis Toad – A grotesque male toad creature with prongs like a praying mantis that feeds on mortals, especially young women.

​.-Orc Ghoul - An undead orc.

~Smooch Seal – A seal that loves to kiss beautiful women when they come close. It can drain magical energy from anyone they kiss on the lips.

​~Spy Imp – A small stealthy demon that can take still-life images by opening their mouths. They normally work as spies for the goblins.

~Trawicco Tree – A magical tree that can send anyone to different areas when he or she steps inside.