​​~Background: Elatea is a courageous teenage witch from Aamis Village that was trained in the ways of

  the warrior by her mother and master warrior Abigail. Since Elatea’s father left for war when she was very

  young, Abigail raised her alone and taught her to be strong. When Madam Minya saw Elatea as a prodigy,

  the wicked sorceress captured her and cast a powerful spell to make Elatea her evil personal bodyguard.

  They terrorized most of Wiccopia with the help of the goblin army. It took a few years, but Abigail found her

  daughter after a desperate search and saved her with an antidote to neutralize the spell. As Elatea

  returned to herself again, she remembered all of the evil she had been involved in and lost her self

  confidence. Eventually, Abigail was able to help Elatea overcome her trauma. However, the evil spell still

  lingered deep in Elatea’s heart and could be triggered if she touched any source of dark magic. Even

  though Elatea knew it wasn’t her own doing, she wanted to make up for her evil past. So as a result, Elatea

  was accepted into the WITTY program to become a Wiccopian Warrior.

-Magic Power and Skills: Elatea uses her telekinesis to levitate objects and enemies by channeling her

  power from her mind into her palms. Through a cunning series of hand gestures she can handle any

  opponent at a close or far range. This also includes the thunder clap, which is strong enough to send

  enemies flying backward.

-Strengths: In battle, Elatea is an expert strategist and always remains brave even in the most treacherous

  perils. Her strong willed personality and self-determination make Elatea a lethal fighter.

-Weaknesses: Even though Elatea isn’t afraid to take risks, she struggles to cope with her past and her

  biggest fear is becoming evil again, since she never again wants to return to that life.