1 – Teamwork

  2 – Self-Sacrifice

  3 – Bravery

  4 – Perseverance

  5 – Forgiveness

  6 – Loyalty

  7 – Discipline

  8 – Indomitable Spirit

  9 – Wisdom of Applying the

        Other Eight

The Charms of Achievement:

​  WITTY stands for the Wiccopian Institute for Troubled Teens and Youths.

  Young people, magical or not, who have broken the law or had a troubled upbringing

are enrolled there to help them reform by providing tasks and learning lessons to become better citizens.

  To move forward in this program, each student must earn the nine charms of achievement. Each charm represents an important trait. Some are learned easily and some aren’t. It’s different for every student.

  However, it doesn’t matter how or how long it takes to learn a lesson, the important thing is that he or she has learned it.

Hosted by Clive, first class wizard and head of WITTY

Charms of Achievement