Cover Art by Sabina Escalada

~ Elatea Glory is a powerful, teenage warrior witch with telekinetic powers. When Elatea was young, the wicked sorceress Madam Minya, cast a spell that turned Elatea's heart dark and evil. She seized control of the young girl's mind and forced Elatea to do her evil bidding. Together they terrorized the magical world of Wiccopia. Elatea’s mother, Abigail, came to her rescue by shooting an arrow -- dipped in an antidote -- into her daughter's chest. When Elatea awoke the spell was broken. Instead of punishing Elatea for her crimes, the Great Wizard Council insisted she enroll into a special rehabilitation program called WITTY. Elatea and her WITTY program partner -- the spunky firestarter Samantha Torch -- travel the dangerous roads of Wiccopia using their magical powers and fighting skills to defend the weak against evil beasts and magical villains. Will the light magic in Elatea's heart be strong enough to defeat the black magic in Minya?

Book 1 - Quest for Redemption - Plot Summary

     Two teenage warriors, Elatea Glory a telekinetic witch and

     Samantha Torch a firestarter, travel the world of Wiccopia under

     the guidance of the powerful wizard Clive. He sends the girls on

     a series of tasks, but they end up finding adventure instead.

​​Wiccopian Warriors